Become a member
To become a member in Trondheim Badmintonklubb you have to register at medlemskap.nif.no/26468. You can sign yourself and your kids up. You can sign up for both yourself and your children. Family membership must be registered manually; therefore contact the club via the contact form after all family members have registered.

If you have previously played for another club, you must also apply for a transfer so that you can play for us in tournaments and in team series. Let us know and we will send the application to you. If you have not played before, we will create a user for you at the first tournament.

Membership fee
An invoice for membership fees will be sent by email at the beginning of the year from 2022 onwards. Everyone who is on the member list that is registered via Min Idrett will receive an invoice.

Type of fee per year
Adult kr 1600
Children (under 19 years) kr 1200
Student kr 1200
Family kr 2800
Support membership kr 100

Cancel your membership
Cancellation of your membership is done via minidrett.no. Sign in with your user and follow the guidance below:

Cancellation of membership

Training hours 2022/23 (from August 29)
All training hours are at Leangenhallen. except two of the trainings at Tuesdays. Children are advices to start at Tuesdays, where they will receive instructions from coaches. 

For all trainings except for Tuesdays 17-18:30 we have sessions in the Spond app, where you can register as attending and see who else is coming. Sign up here: group.spond.com/KRWDH.

You can buy feather shuttles from us at the trainings. As of August 2022 they cost 260 kr for 12 shuttles (Forza VIP or RSL Classic Tourney). Payment preferably with Vipps.

Monday 19:00-20:30 (Leangen): Free for all

Monday 20:30-23:00 (Leangen, September only): Free for all. Normally the training is from 19-21, but in September we have the hall until 23. There is normally a lot of pressure on the Monday training sessions, so it is recommended to spread out over both training times.

Tuesday 16:00-17:00 (Leangen): Free for all

Tuesday 17:00-18:30 (Leangen): Organized for children/young people. Focus on basic footwork and hitting technique, and a lot of games and play. If you are new, this is the training you should start with.
Coaches: Kristoffer and Trishna

Tuesday 18:30-20:00 (Strinda): Organized for young people who participate or train against the UBM/ranking tournament. Coach: Rune

Tuesday 20:00-22:00 (Strinda): Training for youth under the age of 19, as well as matching of these players.

Wednesday 18:00-20:00: Free for everyone, but matching of children/young people is prioritized

Thursday 19:00-20:30: Organized for young people. This is the level above the Tuesday training sessions at Leangen, where footwork, hitting technique and tactics are explored in more depth. It is mainly the skills of the player – and not the age – that determine whether this training is appropriate, but normally the players are from about 11 years and upwards. Coaches: Kristoffer and Rune

Thursday 20:30-23:00 (Leangen): Free training for adults

Sunday: 18:00-22:00: Free for everyone, but children/young people and their parents have priority from 18-19. This is the most suitable exercise for the whole family.